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Temporary implants or TADs Temporary Anchorage Device

It is a technique that is used when it is necessary to open or close spaces/gaps, modify occlusal plane and other solutions are not possible.

It has been used for over 10 years. BENEFIT is a spin off for use in the palate. 5 years.

The implants are used as anchorage. They are removed at end of treatment.

TADs insertion needs a local anesthesia like a for a cavity. Not more.

Over half of the patient come back and say they did not need a painkiller after the procedure!

A. Open or close spaces:

A space is opened to allow the eruption of a tooth, suregery of an impacted tooth or placement of an implant for a crown or bridgework.

Opening of space to align the blocked out canine. (BENEFIT System, Treatment done by Prof. Wilmes) :



Closure of gap following the loss of the first molar (red dot) because of a vertical tooth fracture. Extraction was the only solution.

(Same technique as above, Treatment by Dr. Dahlquist) :  

The second molar (blue dot) has been moved into place and the wisdom tooth (green dot) has made a normal eruption.

Advantages: no bridgework, no implant, no extraction of the wisdom tooth.

B. Correction of the occlusal plane or smile line:

Patient who has had an orthodontic treatment (in another practice) that tilted her smile line with as a result a canted unesthetic smile.

In order to correct the upper teeth, the lower have to be treated first. Start in the back, then the frint. A TAD has been inserted (green).

This treatment was done some years ago. Nowadays the braces are smaller.

Another patient:

The patient did not want further improvement in the upper

TAD removed.


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