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10:00am - 6:00pm

10:00am - 6:00pm

10:00am - 6:00pm



INVISALIGN was founded in 1999.

Over 3 millions patients have been treated today with this technique. We are certified Invisalign provider since 2001.


We are "gold" certified since 2012, "platinium" since 2014 and "platinium elite" since 2016 .


We have treated and have in treatment many patients (over a total of 1'000)

Advantages : 

  • Less painful than any braces

  • Almost invisible

  • No food restriction

  • No emergencies because of loose or broken brackets.

Disadvantages :

  • Not all treatments are possible

  • You have to wear them 22 hours out of 24 hours



Duration of treatment: Same as braces.

Discipline is mandatory. Lack of wear does not result in slowed treatment but in failure.


Cost : INVISALIGN has almost the same price as labial braces. Our volume of traitement allows us to reduce the price. 



The patient above wears Invisalign.

Is it visible? Barely.

Patients treated with Invisalign

Before treatment

After treatment

Other examples further down

Steps for treatment:

  1. First consultation : discussion of treatment options.

  2. iTero scanning and treatment plan.

  3. Manufacturing of aligners

  4. Start of treatment.

Our practice is equipped with an impression machine called ITERO.

It replaces legnthy silicone impressions and uses a 3D camera.



Adulte patient with missing lower incisors following accident.

 Invisalign teatment, dental implants and tooth whitening

Same patient after treatment.

Implants: Dr M. Villella, Geneva


The result of teeth whitening is impressive.

We do not offer teeth whitening in itself.

BUT the Invisalign aligners allow to do it easily. You just have to add the gel inside the aligners.

Therefore solely for Invisalign treatment we can provide you at a low cost with the necessary gel.

It is recommended to do the whitening at the end of the Invisalign treatment.

Here the shade difference obtained with one of our patients(2 series of applications).



It is possible to correct deep bite with Invisalign:


The root position has been corrected in this patient:

It is now possible to make a succesful gingival graft


Open Bite closure in an adult:


Treatment of moderate crowding in a teenager:



Teenager with serious alignment problems:


Upper jaw:

The midline of teeth is not concomittant with the jaw and face. The teeth have to be moved and thus give the possibility to align the canine(blue arrows):

Lower jaw:

Same as upper. Midline has to be moved and canine will have space to align(blue arrows)

In addition to what is above the patient has a deep bite:

   The upper and lower incisors overlap too much.

Parodontosis is a risk at later age.

Upper incisors have to go up and lower down.

Canines will be moved as mentioned above

Treatment is finished:

Alignement corrected, deep bite corrected.

Result is perfect.

For an unknown reason colors of these 3 pictures are wrong



For some older patients it is simply a matter to be able to keep their teeth:

Tooth cleaning and dental hygien are impossible. All the front teeth are mobile and have bone loss(parodontosis).


The treatment will allow to save the teeth and improve the smile.

The orthodontic treatment is finished.

Permanent retention is placed behind the front teeth.

The replacement of missing teeth as well as change of old fillings can begin.

Patient will decide placement of veneers/crowns on the front teeth.


Patient who had poor treatments( loss of teeth due to caries) during childhood and no orthodontics.

Cross bite left(green).

An implant(blue) to replace missing tooth has been inserted. It will be used as anchorage to move the teeth.

Treatment finished:

Crossbite corrected

Teeth aligned

Implant in place. Dr Barthélémy, Nyon


Complex case:

Missing upper lateral incisors(blue).

Spaces will be closed: see chapter: "Implants or close spaces".

Narrow jaws(arches)

Excess of space in upper

Lack of space in lower

Treatment finished:

(only using Invisalign)

Spaces closed

Lack of space corrected

Jaws(arches) wider


Patient with extreme crowding.

In this case, extractions are mandatory

Same patient.

Treatment finished:


The profile is perfect:


The slight difference is due to the smile

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